jack sanford.
jodie is pretty cool.
i have a photographic fetish of; rivers, hoodies, mist, benches, tortoises, leaves, anchors, trees, docks
i like shellder and diglett.
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4 Milk* today, my love is back. by cliccath on Flickr.
3 Big Brother Drop Is Watching: Paranoia Amongst Rainforest Droplets by curious_spider on Flickr.
2 Viability~ by Spice ♥ Darling on Flickr.
3 Day 327/365 ~ I’m Going Under But I’m Not Giving Up; I’m Just Giving In by Amanda Mabel on Flickr.
4 untitled by yyellowbird on Flickr.
4 4/365 secret heart by Honey Pie! on Flickr.
1 DSC_8871_20120306 by flashcurd on Flickr.
6 impromptu christmas tree? by zebra.paperclip on Flickr.
4 Solitude by cormend on Flickr.
3 Our Love is One in a Melon by boopsie.daisy on Flickr.